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The Weekend Press Oakland Illustrated
The Weekend Press / January, 2014
Good friends Jenny Pan and Peter Pham recently launched a new letter press studio in Oakland called The Weekend Press. As part of the launch they did a Kckstarter campaign called Oakland Illustrated to raise some money for supplies and help announce their opening. They asked myself and with a handful of very talented Bay Area designers and illustrators to contribute a piece that celebrated the great city of Oakland.
The State Department Neenah UnShow Competition Unshow Competition
Neenah Paper UnShow Competition / November, 2013
An infographic / illustration piece I did with the team at Tomorrow Partners recently won an award from the Neenah Paper UnShow Competition. The UnShow celebrates all forms of expression on any uncoated paper. Winners were also published in the December issue of HOW Magazine. In addition to its presence at Secretary Clinton’s final celebration at the State Department, the infographic will continue to be used as the department works to solve critical global challenges through their flagship partnerships.
Sparkwise in Communication Arts
Sparkwise in Comm Arts / April, 2013
In this month's Communication Arts 19th Interactive Annual, Sam McMillian wrote a great two page article about Sparkwise and how it's being used by organizations around the world to turn big data into big impact. I've been involved with this Tomorrow Partners start-up as UI/UX design director coming up on 3 years now and it's been great to see how non-profits and NGO's are using the tool to track their data.
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